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Facade Cleaning Image Window cleaning is the cleaning of architectural glass used for structural lighting or decorative purposes. It can be done manually using a variety of tools for cleaning and access. Technology is also employed and increasingly automation. Commercial work is contracted variously from in-person transactions for cash or barter to formal tender processes. Regulations licensing technique equipment and compensation vary nationally and regionally. Generally chemicals are added to water and a device such as a brush or cloth-covered handle is dipped into the resulting solution and used to scrub glass. A squeegee is then used to sluice the dirt and water mixture from the glass. There are four different types of squeegees. Window squeegee is the most famous one because it is used on all types of windows. Your house commercial or even car windows can be cleaned with the window squeegee. Floor squeegees are mostly used for large surfaces like floors they're mostly used in hospitals and other large buildings. Stiff blade squeegees are found in using grouts to tiles. Horse scrapers are applied to in houses to eliminate sweat and dust from the layers. Chemicals added to the solution range from dish soap and glass cleaner to Trisodium Phosphate and etching salt. In sub-freezing temperatures anti-freezing chemicals are added to the solution to prevent it from crystallizing on the pane before it is sluiced off.