A complete solution to your office requirements.
We establised at 1988, 31+ years good services provided to domestic, corporate, MNC companies & Government sector.

Facade Cleaning

High building facade glass cleaning, benefits you solar lighting & reduces electricity cost. We maintain high quality, modern safety mechanism.

Cleaning Hygiene

Providing cleanliness to your workspace, we bring our skilled team utilize minimal time & make it hygiene. Recently introduced on call services.

Garden Maintenance

Qualified gardener, high precision gardening tools make your garden green & lively atmosphere. Fresh in-door pot plant replaced by-monthly.

Plumbing Works

Even tiny droplet of water/sec, galoon of water resource saved for the next generation. Use our on call plumbing service team.

Security Service

We depute our internal trained security gaurd at your work place, montior & safe gaurd.

Waste Management

Daily waste process are converted into manure. Organic farmer collects manure from us, to get good yield of cultivation.

Our Clients